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Are L.C. and Heidi Besties Again?

Are former besties Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag on the road to reconciliation? Not quite, but there's hope. According to this week's TV Guide, The Hills frenemies were spotted chatting it up at STK in Hollyweird on October 14. They were at the posh spot for designing woman Conrad's L.A. Fashion Week Show. Reportedly even Montag's boyfriend Spencer Pratt— a guy who could teach daytime a thing or two about how to create a good villain— was overheard making nice with L.C., but don't run out to the video store and rent up a slew of girl power flicks in celebration just yet. A source close to Laguna Beach alum Conrad tells TV  Guide the reunion was nice and all, but she wouldn't call it a reconciliation. Whew, that was close! If L.C. and Heidi become friends again there goes the show. Then what would Ellen Wheeler and 11-year-old girls watch for inspiration?


(Photo by Getty Images) 

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