General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Holy crap on a stick, I must not have read the spoilers that said that Laura was back today. I thought she wasn’t returning until November, so color me shocked.

Well, maybe only a little shocked since the lead up was so long with Scott getting in Lulu’s face for five minutes, that I kept thinking this would be an opportune moment for Laura to get up and kick his butt, and she did. I was worried she’d wake up when she was alone with Lulu and we’d be treated to more Lulu shrieking that she’s crazy, so good to see that someone else has seen Laura awake, even though it’s Scott.

How much money did they pay for that Mexican bar set? They are working the heck out of that thing. Please, please, please have Lacey back in Port Charles tomorrow.

Still trying to figure out how Jax can buy an entire island, just like that. It’s like saying he’s buying Port Charles. How is that possible?

Jason/Claudia: I like Sarah Brown, but I hate, hate, hate when she gets all teary during a story. I hated it when Carly 1.0 did it and I hate it now that Claudia does it. And I’m not sure I understand the logic of marrying Jason. Sonny and Anthony can still go ahead with their plan to eliminate Jason, even if Sonny’s not married to Claudia.

Loved Olivia giving Sonny what for again. I could live with Sonny smackdowns everyday. The rest, Skate, meh.