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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Random thoughts….

Shadybrook: WORST. INSTITUTE. EVER. Seriously, what the heck? Lulu and Scotty were both talking rather loudly, yet no one came to check on them at any time. Then when Dr. El Stupido does show up and Lulu says her mother’s gone, he doesn’t even look in the room. It’s right there with the door open. Would it have killed him to look? And the orderly just picks her up and carries her away screaming, which I’m pretty sure is not legal. Can you say ‘lawsuit’?

And speaking of idiots, what has Scotty been sniffing? He’s going to take newly un-comatized Laura away, so she can fall in love with him? Really? That doesn’t even make any sense. She could re-comatize at any time. She likely needs medications or something. And clothes. Oy.

Sonny: “Who’s Dante’s father?”

Me: “None of your freakin’ business you greasy, annoying little mobster.”

Or what Olivia said!!

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What exactly was the point of the near ClauSon wedding? To test her to see if she’d do it? I actually think it would have made things interesting if they’d gone through with it. But no, instead, she’ll marry Sonny under the pretense that she’s being forced by daddy. He’ll pine for Kate which will tick her off. Ric will be forced to sit on the sidelines with zero story AGAIN. Great. Totally looking forward to that.

Sam/Lucky: Again, why hasn’t Lucky gone to Alexis (or Mac) with the truth about their investigation? Both Nikolas and Nadine would back up their story.

And last but not least, speaking of Nikodine, now that they seem to be on the same page, can they stay there. Please, no more pratfalls or hijinx for Nadine. Let’s just have the relationship build nice and slowly.