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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 10.24.08 Not much to go on today... so ask away! It's Q & A Day! Here's what I do have....


Sonny and Carly get close but they don't have sex. Jax will be spying on them and he won't be happy that Carly and Sonny obviously still have their "connection."

Sweeps Ending... will it be as "shocking" as everyone is reporting?

Scrubs Wedding... Patrick has little interest in the planning as Robin and Maxie make the final plans. What about Robert? He won't be there as Robert was sent off to Switzerland for treatment. Wait! I told you guys that Tristan Rogers would be at the wedding. Hmmm... Well I also told you that Robin and Patrick get interrupted when their daughter decides to make her appearance. My two cents: Expect another wedding for Robin and Patrick with Robert in attendance. As Tristan told Nelson, he'll be back on General Hospital for three episodes next month. Jason attends thanks to Maxie's insistance. Dr. Lee is in attendance and tends to her patient as the guests gather around the in-labor bride. Remember, Patrick's running late as he's in doctor mode and it looks like everyone is worried he's left Robin at the altar. Everyone except Robin.

The other marriage... Thankfully this Jason and Claudia crap SHOULD get wrapped up today. They don't marry, in fact it looks like the dare each other to go through with it. Another stupid plot point IMO. Sonny and Claudia SHOULD be going through with their nupitals mid-November.

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, here's what you may have missed yesterday:

Robin and Baby... are the health crisis. RUMORS about Robin slipping into a coma after the birth. The baby's health MAY also take a turn.

Olivia said Dante was alot like Daddy. RUMORS today say that Dante's apple may not have fallen very far from Sonny's tree.

Liason Fans... tune in on the 28th and 29th. Everyone is now reporting a Liason moment before the wedding! YAY!

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Scrubs Fans... emergency c-section, baby named and then Robin unconscious. I hear there are fun times when Robin's water breaks and something about Anna getting to the hospital at some high speeds. It of course all turns dire when Robin loses consciousness and the baby's health is in jeopardy.

Sarah Brown... lots of talk that she's not staying and that could be why she's in this mob mess and not in a triangle with Nikadine. What about the CHATTER about Tyler Christopher and him wanting more of a leading lady? RUMORS say we'll see more of Nikolas with Carly, they'll be business partners so it makes sense, and Jax will be gone (Ingo Rademacher will either take his leave at the end of his extension or he'll take a long vacay) so Carly needs something to do.

RUMBLINGS that we MAY finally get a WTD storyline for Sam... who's her daddy? Could this be what they'll be doing with Alexis once Jerry is gone?


Lulu fills her brothers in on Scotty and all the drama. Will she tell Lucky she killed Logan?

I mentioned the Carly-Sonny stuff... that she may come to his rescue. I forgot to add in that Jax walks in on the pair (at least I think I forgot)... has he been watching his soon to be ex?

Jerry grabs Sam... will he tell Sweet Sam his plan while he has a captive audience?

RUMORS that Sonny meets Dante but he won't know it's really his son. Still waiting to see who will play Dante as the leading candidate MAY pop up somewhere else.