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SHUT YO MOUTH! Tricia Cast Returns To The Young and the Restless!!!


Oh you Soap Gods, you can be so cruel, but then again SO kind! Michael Fairman is reporting  that Tricia "The Baddest Chick" Cast is set to return to The Young and the Restless for November Sweeps.

Okay, you all know how I love my old school Y&R divas, i.e. Victoria Rowell, Eileen Davidson, Heather Tom, well let me just say Tricia is DEFINITELY on my list of Fave Bill Bell Belles!  I will always remember Nina filling that dirty David Kimble full of hot steel! Having Nina back even briefly will go miles in terms of helping us long time Genoa City fans get over the terror that LML inflicted upon the show and us by association. Paul, Hogan and Maria really are shaping up to be the Dream Team!

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Side Note: I can't WAIT for Nina to see the Rapidly-Youthened-Switched-At-Birth "Real" Phillip aka Cane (Daniel Goddard). Nina rescued the other Phillip (Thom Bierdz) from a boring goody-goody, maybe she can teach Chloe how to do the same with the 2.0 edition?

Oh yeah, in my Nina-induced excitement, I forgot to mention some other golden oldies are also returning.