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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

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Sorry for the delay folks! Real life got in the way. Here are the scoops for The Young and the Restless. Check out the update below on Katherine!


Michael: Gloria better watch out. Her first born blows his stack when he finds out that she's the cause for daddy Lowell being on the lam.

Things take a turn for the better, money-wise, for Gloria's younger son when Kevin comes across a bag filled with money.

Chancellor Industries: Katherine's position as head of the company is on the line.

Victor/Nikki: For November sweeps the mantra "Nikki's ultimate sacrifice," is being chanted once again. From what is being said, Nikki will make a life-altering decision to possibly reignite  the love story that is Victor and Nikki. Meanwhile, Ashley will be in Paris trying to get Victor out of his rut.

Marge is on the sauce and has hit rock bottom. Kay meets up with her doppleganger and decides to help out, forgetting that ol' Marge was instrumental in kidnapping Katherine back in the day. Kay decides since Marge ultimately saved her in the end she will help her. More after the jump!

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Jill and Esther are both in agreement about Kay's mental instability. When the Chancellor matriarch returns home, she declines to answer Jill's questions about her  whereabouts, raising some red flags for Jill and the family.

Jill decides to take the bull by the horns and gives Kay a choice: See a doctor to find out if her mental faculties are declining or get booted out of Chancellor Industries! While this is taking place, Jeff lays eyes on Marge, drunk as a skunk, and assumes Marge is Kay. He lets his better half know "Katherine" isn't  not going crazy, she's off the wagon. The duo decide to take advantage of  the situation in order to gain control of Jabot. With Marge in the picture there's a turn of events that leads to an about face of status, which may lead to romance in the future for Katherine....