Days of Our Lives Spoilers


Galen Gering hits your screen this week on Days of Our Lives – but not until Friday (so feel free to skip until then).  I know, I'm pimping Galen's debut a lot, but really, there is nothing else exciting about this show right now.  For example, here are this week's 'spoiler highlights': Trent’s will is read, Nicole is arrested and Nick… well, Nick takes in Willow 2.0 – I mean Melanie.  What else is in store?  Read on, for this week’s Preview from Denial Island (Oct 27-31).


Little Johnny DiMera is one smart cookie (normally I'd say he takes after his Daddy, but at the moment I'm not so sure).  He saw through the mountain of pregnancy clothing Sami’s wore last week and said ‘Baby’.  Does EJ hear it?  Sure he does, but he believes Sami’s cock and bull story about it being some twin language crap.  Where has smart EJ gone?  Sami gets moved to her safe house and meets bodyguard #1 (Darrell).  Bodyguard #2 (Hilda) shows up sometime between Wednesday and Thursday before Sami drugs her and meets Bodyguard #3 – Rafe (Galen Gering).  Lordy, I do like it when Days makes their newbies run around nekkid in a towel.  Almost makes the show worth watching.  Almost.

Nemesis Nicole has her own problems.   Reality checks in when she babysits Johnny.  It not going well is an understatement, my ears are still hurting from all the screaming Johnny does.  Watch for Johnny giving Nicole a facefull of milk - good boy Johnny!  Babysitting over, Nicole gets all excited again and makes grand plans to decorate the nursery in DiMansion – before she gets too far with that, Bope arrest her for Trent Robbins’ murder (that’s everyone now, except for the real killer).  They find evidence of a torn marriage license with Nicole’s fingerprints on it, and match some beads found at the murder site to a dress in Nicole’s closet.  Nicole confesses she had a confrontation with Trent on the night he was killed and yada yada yada I’m so bored it's not worth telling you the rest.

Melanie is still packing but only gets as far as Mickey and Maggie’s house.  Why?  Good ol’ Nick comes to her rescue and convinces her not to leave; that he can help prove her innocence if she doesn’t skip town (darn you Nick! Let her go!).   Before he makes the offer, Trent’s will is read to Mel and Max, and Melanie can be happy, she gets everything bar a letter (which sets up Nicole as Trent’s murderer – I’m guessing) and a box.  Max tells Bo that actually, he does think Melanie might have killed Trent – but Bope have moved onto bigger and more boring – Nicole (see above).

Kate tells Lucas and Philip her cancer news and starts making plans.  She wants Lucas to take over her business (Hearth and Home? Heart and Home?), and this is probably why Philip lets Lucas go from his CFO duties at Titan (which we never saw him at).   Spoiled brat Chelsea feels bad after yelling at Grandmaw Kate right before she got her diagnosis and appears at Kate’s first chemotherapy treatment with the St. Sofia medal that Victor gave her (isn't St. Sofia the legendary Mother of the virgin martyrs, Faith, Hope, and Love?  Failing to see the connection here...).  Dansea scenes coming up when Daniel asks Chelsea if she’ll be able to forgive him and Kate.  My opinion?  Daniel needs to get over it just as much as Chelsea.   He apologised, she didn't accept it.  He moved on with Kate anyway and Chelsea cracked the sad's again.  It's her problem and she needs to grow up and deal with it.  Stop apologising already.

The Carver Campaign to take over City Hall hits another snag when Theo has an incident during a family interview.  Maybe they should have had Chelsea there – she seems to have the knack with Theo… can’t imagine Lexie likes that too much.

Don’t Miss:

Bitch fight between Melanie and Chelsea on Monday’s episode – Chelsea lets her know where she stands and Melanie fires back with accusations about Zach’s death.

Could Be Interesting (?):

Stephanie confides her woes to Philip about Melanie and Max.  Are we going to see a permanent move away from Stax?  What would a Steph and Philip squish name be anyway?  Phiste?  Stiph?  Stilip?  Philist?

Getting Ridiculous:

Still no spoilers (for this week) involving Steve and Kayla.  What the…?  Plus Bope are still involved in this sucky Trent killer storyline in a supporting role.  No mention of Jawn, Marlena or Stefano either.  I'm sorry, but what the frack is going on?

Well that's it for this week.  If you find anything interesting onscreen, please leave me a comment or come join us in the Days forum on TFO.

Brooke's All Important Disclaimer:  In case you haven't noticed, Brooke's Preview from Denial Island is suffering from a severe bout of extreme negativity.  I tried taking something for it (like watching original episodes of Passions, now available on YouTube, and always good for a laugh), but every time I watch another episode of Days, it comes straight back.  Suggestions?