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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 10.27.08


Happy Halloweenie Week! I love Halloween!

Anyone remember those RUMORS about Elizabeth and Matt? The young doctor MAY take an interest in the nurse and the LATEST RUMBLINGS say they MAY even go out on a date together. I know, I know, my fellow Liason fans... WTH? Can you blame the girl though? Jason pushes her away in the name of love and safety but he'll be running all over town with his ex. What's a girl to do? If it's any consilation, I hear it's only SUPPOSED to be one date. What has Elizabeth agreeing to a date with Matt when she's in love with Jason? RUMBLINGS say there is a misunderstanding coming for the angsty couple.

Another re-do? Haven't pretty much all the females on General Hospital who have given birth had the same problem during delivery. Stacey on Night Shift Season One had the same problem. Memo to Guza... there are other problems that can arise during a delivery. Use one of them. RUMORS say Robin will have the same problem that Sam, Alexis, Stacey and Elizabeth had while delivering baby Scrubs.

Re-Do Number Two... a classic GH storyline was Tracy watching as Edward had a heart attack and she refused to give her dad a little assistance by witholding his heart medication. This time, it's Claudia who plays the bad daughter while she stands by as Anthony has a stroke. Can Anthony and Claudia out-do Edward and Tracy?

More Liason... With Jason spending time with Sam, what's going on with my favorite couple? Well there are the scenes this week before Robin and Patrick's wedding. Also, there is some GOSSIP about Jason making a choice that COULD cause problems for Elizabeth. What's the decision? It LOOKS like Jason MAY decide to stay in charge and become Sonny's enemy. When your enemy knows all your secrets... that could be a problem.

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LuSam... Lucky will be off on the Spencer Family Adventure but that's only a small part of Sweeps. He returns after a conversation with Laura and when he does make his way back to Port Chuck, RUMORS say Sam will be missing. According to the LATEST RUMORS, Sam and Lucky's story will play out towards the end of Sweeps. Hmmm...the RUMORS said Liason's story would play out towards the end of Sweeps as well.

Jason Morgan Overload?
OMG, I can't believe I just wrote that! Is there ever too much Jason Morgan? LOL! As ususal, Jason will be all over Sweeps. He'll be at the Scrubs Wedding. He'll have a moment with Elizabeth, scenes with Sam, concern for Robin, your typical Carly involvement where Sason is concerned and of the mob.

Luke, Laura and Tracy... If you were Luke Spencer who do you choose? The love of your life or your current wife who you have this undeniable connection to?

That pesky MOC... How long will Sonny and Claudia be able to stand each other as husband and wife? Not long if the RUMORS are correct. Look for them to be married mid-November. Sonny has a lot coming up. The MOC, his son, trying to become the number one Mobster again and a Mob war. Oh yeah, and don't forget, Sonny is stabbed and dumped in the harbor. That would be re-do number three. Carly comes to his aid, Jax sees them and misunderstands. Skate will end before Sonny marries Claudia.


Jolu... Anyone remember how Claudia told Lucky that Johnny was over Lulu and how he did it? Lots of women. Well Johnny tries to get in touch with Lu and gets big brother instead who tells Johnny to let Lulu move on or he'll tell her just what Johnny's been up to.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... will Elizabeth ever learn about Jason's trip to the Justice of the Peace? She MAY overhear Ric and Claudia arguing about it. Sam has a miscarriage? That's out there but it APPEARS if this is true, she MAY not know she was knocked up. Possible name for Scrubs Baby...Mattie. Dante gets through to Sonny.

Sweeps... Guza says it's something never done on daytime. Has it been spilled yet? Not correctly, according to some.