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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers!

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Rick's revenge: Rick holds Ridge responsible for his paralysis and vows revenge. He moves into Brooke's house and demands Ridge move out. Meanwhile, Bridget discovers that Rick's paralysis is likely to be only temporary. Rick hides a secret and Brooke almost discovers it. Could it be the fact that he is no longer paralysed? Rick is also going to have an unlikely ally in Stephanie, as they team up for their mutual benefit.

Taylor plans her next move: When visiting Rick, he'll tear into her and she'll leave in tears. On a brighter note, Thomas pays his mother a visit. With the help of meddling matriarch Stephanie, Taylor comes up with a plan to snag Ridge. Thomas is doubtful, but Taylor and Steffy win him over. Taylor is set to show Brooke she's not backing down. Ridge spends the night at Taylor's, but is all as it seems? Either way, Brooke is going to be livid!

Katie gets put in her place: Threatened by Brooke's bond with both Jack and Nick, Katie is reassured by Nick's commitment to her, but thrown off guard when Nick tells her where she stands in Jack's life.

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My two wives: Eric is going to find it difficult to choose between Donna and Stephanie, so he moves them both in. This sounds almost as revolting as when Ridge made Taylor and Brooke "audition" to be his wife.

Look-alike: Apparently, a look-alike storyline is coming up, although details are very sketchy.


There are rumblings that a long-time fan favourite is in talks to return to the canvas, but his character will have a new persona. Does this mean a whole new person (i.e. could it be the look-alike?), or a new personality? From what I've heard, he wouldn't air until next year


he does return, so the look-alike storyline could be for someone already on the show. Seems like a strange coincidence though.