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Alison Sweeney Answers CBB Questions

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Check out Alison Sweeney answering questions from readers at Celebrity Baby Blog. Here's a preview.


CBB: Even with a nanny, you're basically the hardest working mama in showbiz! Janice V. wantes to know your secret: How do you find the energy to do everything that you do? You never look tired or unhappy.

AS: James Scott (who plays E.J. on Days of Our Lives) always teases me about that. Whenever he finds out, because I try not to talk a lot about it, but it's tiring -- I work really late at night with The Biggest Loser sometimes and I have to do Days of Our Lives the next morning. Sometimes through conversation he'll figure out I was up late the night before, and he'll be like, "Can you please complain about your hours? It's really upsetting to me that you don't complain or whine and that you're never tired." I don't have that kind of energy! I'm too tired to complain about it, and no one wants to hear me whine. It's boring and uninteresting. I try to not talk about it – if I think about it too much it makes me tired.

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