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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 10.28.08

Jason vs. Sonny...
it LOOKS like it's coming but is it all a farce like the RUMORS were saying? We'll see how it all plays out and it SEEMS that whatever Jason vs. Sonny war that COULD be coming will hit it's high note towards the end of Sweeps. Fans seem to always say that Jason needs to put Sonny in his place but do we really want a Sason war? Would Guza really break-up the only pairing we were all convinced he would never touch? Sonny wants his power back and he'll get anyway necessary. How far will this war go? RUMORS say Sonny puts a hit out on Jason.

Matt and Liz stuff...
LeMiz is actually a good squish name. Who came up with that? EET? Anyways... he asks her to go have coffee with him and according to the SCOOP, she accepts. It looks like Jason MIGHT find out about the "date," so those Liason fans that are hoping this opens Jason's eyes, you MAY get your wish. BUT don't forget... it looks like Elizabeth will find out about the almost MOC and Jason MAY have some explaining to do.


Sorry my fellow Liason fans... it looks like more push and pull.

I know we have a few Skate fans and I told you yesterday that Sonny and Kate will end before he marries Claudia. I also mentioned that Sonny's marriage to Claudia doesn't last all that long. They can't stand eachother. Don't give up on your couple just yet. Remember Guza is a fan of the angst and Kate wants Sonny out of the mob. We know that's not happening as Sonny is power thirsty so it SEEMS to me that Guza has his ideal story right in front of him... more angst.


MOC... pre-nup? Not really but it looks like Sonny and Claudia come to the terms of their union and they lay it out all on paper. A poster, kgbmc, had a great question yesterday about why Jason made a point of getting the marriage certificate from the Justice of the Peace. "Could it be that Jason actually marries Claudia and that is the surprise of sweeps? I hope not but why did he keep that marriage certificate? I want so much more for Elizabeth than for this writing to continue." I can tell you that RUMOR has been out there. That Jason grabbed the marriage certificate as a way to stop Sonny and Claudia by showing that Claudia already has a hubby. MY THOUGHT... I think he grabbed it so no one would find out they were almost married. As the JOP pointed out, the marriage certificate is not legal.

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Clic Fans? Do we have any besides me and Naughty Nicki? Ric is not happy about the marriage arrangement and will do anything to stop it. Ric and Trevor go toe to toe over Johnny. Ric thinks Johnny should take over for the out for the laid up Anthony while Trevor disagrees. Would Trevor really want Sonny in charge? I seriously doubt it. MY TWO CENTS? This is the set up for the big reveal that Johnny is Trevor's son.

Speaking of Johnny... what about Jolu. I mentioned that Johnny tries to get in touch with Lulu while she's on the Family Adventure. Lucky intercepts the call and when the adventure ends and Lulu is back in Port Chuck, she wants nothing to do with Johnny. Will the former flames, who SHOULDN'T be former for too long, be forced to spend time together?


Don't forget... Sonny's stabbed and dumped in the harbor. Carly comes to his assistance and calls a mob doc to patch him up.

Spencer Family Adventure... there SHOULD be flashbacks. RUMORS of a chase and classic Luke and Laura stuff.

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS... Lucky searches for Sam. She needs a nurse... Elizabeth. How will she be hurt? In an explosion. Robin gets to hold her daughter before she loses consciousness. HIV scare for Baby Scrubs? A female character being written out after Sweeps?Spixie date night?