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Karen Harris's Life In General Debuts Today on Strike TV!

Today's the day! Life in General, the soapstastic, labour of love from General Hospital and General Hospital: Night Shift scribe Karen Harris debuts on Strike.TV. Starring past (Brynn Thayer, Lindze Letherman) and present (Arianne Zucker, John Ingle) soap faves, Life in General is a smart, sexy, campy glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of daytime's most popular drama, Greenville General (also a Strike.TV show-within-a-show from Harris), experienced through the eyes of long-suffering soap writer (Is there any other kind?) Winifred Marshall (Zucker) .


In the pilot episode, Winifred has to deal with meddling network execs, a demanding executive producer, an aging, figure head series creator, a bed-hopping leading man and a volatile real and reel life supercouple, all while managing to put out a soap opera five-days-a-week. If you like character-driven, good-old-fashioned soap opera, Life in General is the show for you.

FYI: For those of you who loved the amazing dream sequence reunion of Robert, Sean, Tiffany, Anna, Mac, Luke and Robin on Night Shift, Harris co-wrote the episode with series head writer Sri Rao.

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