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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


I was feeling quite schizophrenic towards Claudia today. In her scene with Ric, I was so upset with her. She clearly isn’t on the same page as he is and doesn’t seem to care that he might be starting to have feelings for her. Power means more. Then in her scene with Kate, I understood why she wants to marry Sonny, so she can lord it over someone like Kate. Then in her scene with Anthony, I thought she was brilliant. Finally, after years of being treated like dirt by her own father, she has the upper hand. So I guess it's kudos to Sarah Brown for making me feel all those things in one episode. And kudos to her for that scene with Anthony, where Claudia’s right up in his face, telling him like it is.

Why doesn’t Jason give back the organization? He made some talk about protecting his men, but really, they aren’t twelve years old. I’m sure they knew what they were getting into when they applied for a job with the local mob organization. I’m just so tired of the endless Sonny/Jason scenes with the “you helped Carly take my kids and my bride was shot” blah, blah, blah. Make it stop.

Loved, loved, loved everything Robin today. Loved that overprotective Mac is making sure she gets to the church on time.

Loved the Robin/Anna mother/daughter scenes.

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Loved the Spinelli/Maxie scene in the church where she goes off on Felicia. When KSt plays it subtle and subdued, she’s brilliant and totally sucks me in.

So, am I to guess that Patrick will be late for his own wedding? Could those anvils have been dropping any harder? And, I must say, I felt a little bad for Matt when he kind of fished around for an invitation and Patrick didn’t bite.

And speaking of Kate, why is she still in the hospital? Matt had third degree burns and healed faster than she did. Time to release her, writers.

While I didn’t appreciate Maxie shining Jason’s halo again, (especially since Robin just did it the other day), she did give me the line of the day:

Maxie to Jason: “Is that why you refused to go to Patrick and Robin’s wedding? Because you have to whack someone? That’s just rude.