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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Hey, I said I didn’t want any mob stuff on Scrubs wedding day. Why doesn't anyone listen to me?

I certainly didn’t need to see Olivia get her panties in a bunch over a minor comment from Kate and run off and get in Sonny’s face, like a teenager, like she still has a thing for him after 20 years.

I did love what we did have of the Scrubs wedding. Loved Liz doing her hair and the nice friends chat she and Robin had.

Loved the mother/daughter stuff and the reading of the letter from Robert. I just wish Robert were able to be there.

Loved the giving of the something old, something blue stuff with Maxie and I got teary eyed every single time Georgie’s name got mentioned.

Loved the before wedding stuff with Mac and Maxie in the church.

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Wasn’t in love with AZ’s seizure and Patrick’s need to be the one to operate. If he had already left the hospital, someone else would have done it so why he felt the need to do it, even if “Robin would understand” is annoying to me.

Why didn’t Layla call the church and tell them that Patrick was going into surgery and on who?

Why didn’t Spinelli figure out Patrick was still at the hospital before running to the church with his message of gloom and doom. “I looked everywhere”, well, except for the guy’s place of business, dummy.

Loved that Coleman was hitting on everything in a skirt, literally.

Loved that we got a semi-explanation about why Edward is wearing the hat and why the Spencer boys weren’t there (although I was sad that they weren’t, considering that Nikolas and Lucky are good friends of Robin’s).

Loved Liz and Maxie’s dresses.