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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 10.29.08


Not much to go on today... so you know what that means! Q&A Day! Ask away.

Have no fear Liason fans... more to come today! Well until they're interrupted that is. How about their part in Sweeps? I am still hearing we should hang in there until the end. The Liason Love is a secret for most of the Port Chuck residents... will Jason's love be loud and clear? Elizabeth SHOULD be spending most of her time at the hospital this Sweeps.

Matt and Pat... operate on ZaCrazy when he's wheeled in. Which of course makes Patrick late for the wedding.

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Dante...The LATEST? He'll pop after the bird does. Look for Sonny's son to come in after Turkey Day. Skate Fans! There is some TALK that Sonny will be mad at Kate for knowing about Dante and never telling him. Who tells Sonny Dante is his kid? One RUMOR says Claudia tells him. How does Claudia know? IF this is true, it looks like Claudia finds out the same way everyone finds out a huge secret in Port Charles. She eavesdrops outside of Kate's hospital room and hears Olivia and Kate arguing about it.

Karpov turns on Jerry. Remember he's RUMORED to be the one to get rid of Mr. Craig. BUT... is he the one to do the deed? There are RUMBLINGS that Jason shoots Karpov and Jerry MAY be a casualty of one of his own explosions. Don't forget... Jerry is ASSUMED dead.

Jason and Sam will be working together to stop Jerry and Karpov.
Elizabeth sees them together.

Scrubs Wedding Day! Enjoy it Scrubbies. Even though it ends quickly, what we see SHOULD be sweet. Patrick makes it in time. Robin's water breaks and the LATEST SCOOP says Patrick MAY assist in the C-Section. I'm guessing it's just that he's in the operating room. Remember there were OLD RUMORS that Matt assists in bringing his niece into the world. Medical troubles arise and I am still seeing that it's mother and baby both having troubles. Robin's SHOULD be more dire than the baby's. The Scrubs Baby it's Emma.


CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS... Sam and Lucky get engaged? OLD RUMOR rearing it's ugly head again... Jax and Kate get it on. Guza's surprise? Today it's a new special effect. Will Elizabeth finally hear what she's been waiting for?