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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 10.30.08


Sorry for the delay... technical issues got in the way. There isn't all that much to dish on today.

Lots of GOSSIP out there about Jason, Elizabeth and Sam. Are TPTB reviving that rivalry Luke loves so much? Some say they are, some say its all FanFic.

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Robin's not out too long. She'll awake to Patrick and their daughter. RUMORS have the new family heading home and settling in. I already mentioned the bedside vigils coming while Robin is out. Mac, Anna, Maxie, Patrick... even Matt and possibly Jason and Spinelli.

Luke tracks down Scotty and Laura. High speed chase? Yep! Scotty and Laura crash! Will Luke save his arch enemy or is Luke the one that needs saving? Laura learns that Luke has married into the Quartermaine Family. Is this what has Laura leaving with Scotty?

Spencer Family Reunion...
before all that Scotty and Laura leaving crap. Lucky and Nikolas both spend some alone time with mom... one scene each from what's being reported...well one scene by themselves. Laura SHOULD be sharing the screen with her whole brood at some point. There's a cabin involved and a furious Laura makes Luke sleep with nature.

RANDOM and CRAZY or just plain CRAZY? I've seen this a few times now so I'll bite. RUMORS say there was a casting call out for a male character who is SUPPOSED to be Carly's bodyguard. These CRAZY RUMORS go on to say that Carly has hit the sheets with the guard. More RANDOM... Maxie was RUMORED to spill the MOC beans but will she spill the JaSam are spending time together beans instead? RUMORS have her purposely dropping info in front of Elizabeth. Ric will learn all of ZaCrazy's plans. Sonny hides from Jax. Jerry has a plan too and he's telling Sam.