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One Life To Live Spoilers!


It's been a few weeks since we have done spoilers for OLTL, so let's just dive right in. Where to start? Let's start with the worst.


Tarty sex is coming folks. In what form remains to be seen. Some are saying that it's a fantasy, others are saying that it's just Marty and Todd's declaration of love, my two cents are that it's real. Regardless, it matters not to me as just the thought makes me ill and just puts a period to the destruction of Todd as a character. Now, get those salt boulders out, cuz for those that believe that the sex actually happens, RUMORS go on to say that Marty ends up preggers. For those of you that have seen the PROMO, you know that John crashes through the window and finds Marty. The road there however, is a long and twisted one as it seems Keys is the one that lets the cat out of the bag about Marty, but somehow John is delayed in getting there by getting thrown in the slammer.

Marty sees John and she is not eager to jump into his arms. She still has no idea who is who in this amnesiac world of hers. RUMORS have it that this is where Reverend Andrew comes in and fills Marty in on her history, but she still doesn't remember it herself. She is also supposed to have issues in walking away from Todd. Are they going to continue the Marty loves Todd saga? Possibly. Is this where the gun RUMORS came from?

Todd, on the other hand, is facing kidnapping charges. Enter a blast from his past, Tea. She will be his defense attorney. Now, is what Todd has done defensible? Not in my book, especially when this brings us to the baby caper.

Where does Starr's baby end up? With Viki! Why you may ask? Well, Starr goes into labor, goes to the hospital and has her baby. Janet and Dr. Joplin seem to be working in concert to help Todd steal Starr's baby. Dr. Joplin leaves the delivery room with the baby and Starr and Blair, as rumored, believe that Dr. Joplin rushed to the pediatrics area. Supposedly, she takes the baby to her office and here, once again, enters the promo. For those of you that have seen it, It looks like Jess / Tess, sounds like Jess / Tess, but it's actually Bess!!!


It looks like Tess goes into labor in a cottage. Is it her and Nash's place? I figured that would have been bulldozed by now. RUMORS have it that she gives birth to a stillborn baby. Is she alone? No, it looks like "Niki" will have a ringside seat. As we can see in the promo, Bess swaps the still born child for Starr's baby. Bess is the "gatekeeper" personality, much like Viki's alter Jean Randolph. Will we "see" Jean as well?

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Where is Todd in all of this? Sex with Marty supposedly opens Todd's eyes to his dastardly plan and he decides to call it off, only on his way to do so, John interferes and Bess uses Todd's plan. Dr. Joplin returns to her office and finds the stillborn. Horrified, SPOILERS are unclear if it's a stroke or a heart attack, but it seems Dr. Joplin meets her maker. So who knows about this baby switch? It seems like no one. How long will this last? Depending on who you ask, Starr's baby may remain hidden until March or even May of next year. Just remember that the big red pen of rewrites is everywhere, so this is all subject to change without notice. Even scenes spoiled in mags have been hitting the edit room floor of late.


It looks like Jessica rises from the DID ashes and heads off to St. Anne's for therapy. Viki keeps the baby (RUMORS have her named Chloe) and Bree. After being saved from the secret room by Viki, Charlie and Tina, Natalie and Jared hang around Llanfair to give Viki a hand. Is it in the cards for Natalie to get knocked up (and no that has no slut connotations!)? It seems like that is the story path for Jarlie, but things can change on a dime. Viki and Charlie will grow closer, but the family issues will continue to throw up roadblocks to their happiness.

The Vegas and the new Montez family... Does anyone care?? Seriously, it seems that Vanessa will try to get in between Sarah and Cristian. It seems that sooner or later she will succeed. Look for Sarah to depart Llanview in January.


What about Tina? It looks like she may be able to escape Viki's wrath by checking out for a little while. Before she leaves, her little doggie will have puppies with Cain looking on. Does she leave with Cain? It looks like it, but she should be back soon. Hopefully into a romantic pairing with someone already on the canvas.

The Rex and Gigi stuff seems to be quieting down, but look for that not to be the case for long.

Do you guys have spoiler questions? Ask away and I will try to reply!