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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Schemes and sacrifices are revealed on The Young and the Restless.

His actions are starting to get out of hand.


Victor/Ashley: That old feeling between the two is ignited once again.

Nick/Sharon: The former spouses steal a kiss in "the city of lights".

Jack/Phyllis: Smilin' isn't too happy these days. He approaches his ex about their spouses' association.

Ashley/Victor/Nikki: Nikki is in London visiting her old rival Ashley. She brings her up to speed on what's happening with Victor and asks for her help. Nikki lets Ashley know that Victor has been hiding out in Paris and is laying low at a church. Nikki knows that having Ashley help Victor could spark their (Victor and Ashley's) old feelings. Nikki's rationale is that she would rather have Victor happy than to give up.  She then implores Ashley to fly to Paris where she can find and help Victor. More at the Jump!

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Ashley is a bit hesitant at first with getting caught up in Victor's life once again however, Nikki jogs her memory on the ways that Victor has assisted Ashley in the past. What touches Ashley is that Nikki is the one asking and wanting the help for Victor given their past with the him.  Nikki reminding her of what Victor has done for Ashley in the past strikes a chord with her as well. Ashley decides to head to Paris to find Victor and is informed by the priest that Victor is no longer there.

She tracks down leads regarding Victor's location, but is unable to find him. Ashley brings Nikki up to speed and lets her know she is done trying to find Victor. Just when Ashley's ready to call the entire thing off, she finds evidence that makes her think Victor is hiding out at the Notre Dame church.

Adam/Newman kids 1.0: The shit hits the fan when Victor's alleged diary becomes published. Jack lets his partner Adam know that he has to keep out of the entire thing. Jack reasons that the journal's authenticity would be put into question because of his tumultuous past with Victor. While Nikki is in London visiting Ashley, Phyllis and her kids put their heads together to find out who is the real mastermind behind the journal.

Sharon joins the effort and deduces that her hubby is the culprit and tears into him for doing so. This leads to Sharon letting Jack know that his presence in Paris is not needed or welcomed. Meanwhile, Phyllis gets the verification she needs from someone at the magazine the journal was featured in that Adam is responsible. Geared up with this piece of information, Victoria approaches Adam with his misdeeds. Adam covers his tracks and says he found Victor's diary at the Newman ranch.

Adam gets some sort of a conscience when he lets Heather in on what he did and then decides to pop the question to her, which she accepts! Adam loves Heather however, springing this on her is a way to placate her from the things he has done. Right now Adam is fueled by payback since the Newman family, including Victor, shunned him. Despite what it seems, this is a family that Adam wanted to be in. According to Chris Engen (Adam):

For those who really hate Adam, they ain't seen nothing yet.