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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Loved that Robin didn’t freak out about Patrick’s absence, but was very calm and serene.

Hated that whoever she called at work didn’t know that Patrick was doing major surgery on someone. I doubt Patrick would be able to access an operating room without signing in or someone else on the team, like Layla or Matt having to sign in.

Loved that Patrick made it to the church before the end of the episode. Liked that he dragged Matt along. When Matt’s not being surly I actually kind of like him. Loved that Robin was all, “you’re staying because you’re my baby’s uncle” and he did.

Hated all the Sonny/Jason blah, blah, blah. “I’m the greatest thing that happened to you and now you’re evil”. What? That’s not what he said, cuz, that’s what I heard.

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Still don’t understand why Mike is at this wedding, and why no one has mentioned Noah’s absence (or did they and I missed it?).

Unpopular opinion: I hated all the Scotty/Laura stuff. Does that make me evil? I just don’t get Scotty’s motivation. He and Laura have been over for years, why revisit it when she’s just come out of a coma. Maybe I would have appreciated it more if it had been tucked in with some mob crap instead of my favourite couple’s wedding day.

I enjoyed Luke and Tracy more today than I have, mostly because it wasn’t all wacky hijinx and silliness. I’m glad she told him that he’ll have to tell Laura the truth this time. It’s not fair to Tracy, especially if Laura’s going to come in and out of comas every couple of years.

I appreciated that the Spencer siblings went to talk to Lesley for information, but I kept thinking, with all of Nikolas’ resources, couldn’t they have found Scotty via his credit card receipt, the same way Luke did?

Now, I’m ready for Georgie Anna Scorpio Drake to be born…