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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 10.31.08


HAPPY HALLOWEEN... I hope you all get plenty of Tricks and Treats today. How about some SCOOPS to kick off Halloween? I wish I could say we had tons for you but once again, not much is out there so it'll be a Q&A day! Why the lack of SPOILERS? Well, Sweeps are upon us and it seems they've been able to keep some of the SCOOP under wraps. Remember, there has been tons of SPECULATION that Sweeps has yet to be SPOILED correctly.

Robin's rushed to GH in labor. I am still hearing about Grandma getting them there in a speedy way. A C-Section is performed and as we've been telling you for weeks, a crisis is coming for Robin and baby. It looks grim for Robin on Monday but it LOOKS like mom will be fine by Friday. About the delivery... they'll learn the baby's cord is wrapped around her neck. The baby's name... Emma Grace, named after no one.

Sam... Remember Jerry grabs her and holds her his hostage. Will Jason come looking for her? RUMORS say he does and Jerry has Sam send Jason away. Why is Jason looking? Well these RUMORS say that after Jason and Sam make it through the exploding dumpster and shoot out, Sam explains to Jason all she's been up to. Spying on Jerry and working for Karpov to uncover information on the drug smuggling. Sam leaves and EARLY RUMORS had Jerry grabbing her when she leaves the PH. The LATEST? That Sam is on the phone with Jason when she gets home and Jerry is there waiting for her. Worried that they were cut off, Jason goes to Sam's and Jerry is impressed with her skills to get Jason to leave. Jerry not above drugging someone, he did it to Nadine, is RUMORED to drug Sam and take her to one of Karpov's ships. Don't Forget! Mr. Craig has been RUMORED to tell Sam all his evil plans.

Will it be Jason to the rescue?
Not sure but we all know this is Super Jase! He has to be somewhere. RUMORS have Lucky returning from the Spencer Family Adventure in time to save his girl. What about Elizabeth? There are still RUMBLINGS that her part of Sweeps has not been spilled and that Liason fans should hang in there until the end.

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Nikolas is arrested... for what I am not sure but I'm guessing it has to do with the Family Adventure. The LATEST on that? Nik will be facing "grave consequences." Nadine joins her man on the Adventure.

Carly's Birthday? Really in the middle of Sweeps Sonny's going to remember Carly's Birthday? Well she will be saving his life, I guess he can remember her big day. How about her soon to be ex-husband? Will Jax change his mind about divorcing Carly? Sonny hides when Jax comes to Carly's house. After finding him in stabbed and in the harbor, Carly takes Sonny to her house to be patched up.

What's up with Liason... not really sure and trust I wish I did. Like I said above, some are still saying wait for the end. Elizabeth will go to Jason asking for answers. Will it be about Sam? Maybe... but it SHOULD really be about their future together. Will she get the answer she's been hoping for or will Jason once again walk away from his family?


One Life to Live... hey what is OLTL doing in the GH Spoilers? OLTL is getting their daily previews back! Will GH and AMC be next?