Guza Said What?

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What in Bob Guza hell is going on at General Hospital? First he says the Sweeps Stunt is something never before seen in daytime and now Nelson is reporting that Guza has pushed his big "stunt" back to January of 2009. Is it a Sweeps Stunt if it doesn't happen during Sweeps or is it just a stunt no one will care about?


“You’ve never seen this [storyline done] before on daytime. It’s way cool, super innovative, and will surely get [your] attention.”

—GH head writer Bob Guza on moving his previously reported big November sweeps-stunt to January 2009 in Soaps In Depth.

Translation: Let me see if I get fired first before I give them my “best” stuff, which I blatently stole from either a movie or a prime-time series.