SOAPnet Sneak Peeks... Sweeps Style!

It's a twist on the weekly SOAPnet Sneak Peek! With Sweeps upon us, SOAPnet is giving us a November Peek!


On General Hospital:

THE event of November is the fact that Luke and Laura are together again! Yes, face-to-face, doing their Luke and Laura thing. Which means getting into life and death scrapes (this time it's a car going off a cliff) amidst that undeniable chemistry.

All this PLUS a marriage, a murder, a big exit, a career change, a Thanksgiving that shows you a very different Port Charles and Spinelli's on a mission, for, as he'll say, "Maximista will be avenged!" Now what could that mean?

On All My Children:

David's newly arrived back in town and is already plotting revenge against half of Pine Valley. Fate (or the writers, depends on your POV) make that easier when he joins the hospital staff because (irony alert!) the head of cardiology dies of a heart attack! JR is not buying anything David says, but what about Krystal? And how does Amanda fit into all of this?

Erica takes over Fusion in Kendall's absence. Really, do we need to say anything else? I mean, just think about the scenes that are coming.

On November 12th, you won't want to miss the special 10,000th episode of "All My Children."

On One Life to Live:

Starr goes into labor and delivers a bouncing baby girl. Of course, Todd's making a beeline to the hospital. But is it to steal the baby or actually do the right thing? We're hoping the latter, considering he's just coming off having sex with Marty. Yes, for real. Next week the two have sex, there is major lovey-dovey talk and the earth sort of shakes, mostly because we'd never thought this would happen. You sort of have to see how it plays out.

Our favorite part is that David Vickers the dog gets his very own story! And it's got a twist in it! But really, couldn't you just sit there all day and stare at him just staring back at you?