DAYS November Sweeps Video Preview


There are no words to describe how much this video preview of Days of Our Lives November Sweeps annoys me.

Posted on the NBC Days website here, the video starts with Philip in bed with Melanie, then Dr Dan and Chloe are making eyes at each other, Rafe and Sami begin their 'The Bodyguard' sexual tension thing, and then you're left with the lasting image of EJ and Nicole getting jiggy with it... UGH! NO!

I do not care about Melanie (no offense to Molly Burnett) and I don't want her with Philip. Is this pairing with Chloe meaning they're giving up on Daniel and Kate already? Rafe and Sami could be interesting but I don't think Sami needs another love interest, and as for the EJ and Nicole stuff - well that's just EW. More important is what we don't see on this preview. Where is Bo, Hope, Steve, Kayla, John and Marlena? Tony and Anna? Stefano? Victor? Caroline? It's like everyone over 40 has been sent back to Melaswen - and personally I think they've sent the wrong characters.

What do you think? Does this preview make you excited about Sweeps?