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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Sorry this is a day late, but yesterday was Halloween and Junior and I had to get our year’s supply of chocolate!! So, I’ll try to be brief…

Funny line of the day:

Father McHottie: “Is there a doctor in the house?”

It was a silly line, considering he knew that his bride and groom are doctors, but I cut him some slack since I figured he was flustered and because he’s hot.

Loved all the doctors and nurses that stood up, but I liked that Kelly came forward right away, since it’s her specialty and her patient.

Loved Anna driving like a maniac on the way to the hospital and I do think JT broke character and was laughing.

Loved that Robin was having believable looking contractions/labour pains, as television often makes it unrealistic.

Loved that Patrick was right by her side, wiping her brow and helping her out.

Loved that Maxie was worried and I teared up when she asked Georgie to look out for Robin and the baby.

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Loved that Spinelli remembered Maxie’s birthday and gave her a present.

Didn’t care for Jason being there, overhearing that Robin’s having problems and then storming out of the hospital. How did the Scrubs/Scorpio/Devane/Drake moment become about Jason once again?

Wasn’t crazy about the Anthony/Claudia scene where he once again calls her every name in the book. Enough with the verbal abuse already.

Loved Sonny getting stabbed and tossed in the river, I just wish he’d actually die.

Loved that the Spencer kids are working together, but was it just me or did it feel like Lulu was throwing Luke under a bus. Nikolas bad mouthing Luke is one thing because despite them getting closer in recent years, they’ve never been all that friendly. Lulu reads a 30 year old journal and starts spewing the “Dad stole Mom from Scotty” crap.

Am I really supposed to believe that the place that Scotty and Laura went on their honeymoon, with the wishing well, is still there THIRTY years later? Puhleeze.

Why didn’t Edward seem surprised or concerned that Laura was calling him for information? Shouldn’t his next move have been to call the authorities and tell them where Scotty took her?

Ok, so these weren’t so brief after all!