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Which Daytime Vets Should Star in a Golden Girls Update?

Okay, let me start off by saying this is absolutely, unequivocablely fan fiction from the inner bowels of my twisted, carbohydrate-deprived mind. To my knowledge there are no plans for a Golden Girls update, but with the success of its girl power daughters like Sex and the City and granddaughters such as Sisterhood of the Traveling Vagina Monologues About Devils Who Wear Prada, coupled with the fact that Hollywood is currently remake crazy, I figured I would "put it out there in the universe" as Lisa Rinna used to say on Soap Talk.


I think it would be awesome to see the Golden Girls on the big screen, but totally amped up by a thousand. Picture it: Sharon Stone or Kim Catrall as perenially-horny, widow Blanche Deveraux; Jane Fonda as good-natured, St. Olafian dingbat Rose Nylund; Susan Surandon as no-nonsense divorcee Dorothy Zbornak and who would be better than the original Rose,  Betty White, to fill out her late friend and costar Estelle Getty's breakout role as Sophia Petrillo?

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If The Powers That Be think the project would be a better fit for the small screen, how about Cybil Shepherd as Blanche, Suzanne Somers as Rose, Stockard Channing or Lily Tomlin as Dorothy and Cloris Leachman as Sophia?

Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry has said he doesn't plan on that ABC hit going past seven seasons, so what would be better than the genius who also wrote for the original GG's to pen an update?

Only this time, lose the laugh track and show-don't-tell when it comes to Blanche's saucy sexcapades and make Miami the fifth main character, much like the producers of Sex and the City did with New York. Let's see the girls out and about in Florida, living up their fabulous second acts, complete with a parade of soapy senior hunks like Roscoe Born, A Martinez and Tristan Rogers as recurring love interests

Now here's the fun part, which daytime stars would you like to see on a Golden Girls update? Oh and just a reminder, before someone posts my choices are too young, when Golden Girls started Blanche was 50, Dorothy was 55, Rose was 60 and Sophia was 80.