Who Wants to F*#& Antonio Sabato Jr.?

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Ladies who have ever gotten chapped lips from kissing the back of their hands while pretending they were Antonio Sabato Jr.'s lips are in luck. VH1 has sent out the casting call for its upcoming, untitled reality show featuring the soap god.


Sabato Jr. recently made quite the splash with his 13-week appearance on the critically-acclaimed General Hospital spinoff Night Shift, reprising his signature role as Jagger Cates. For the new reailty show, which will reportedly feature soap opera-inspired challenges, nubile, young contestants will be transplanted to exotic locales, where they can swap spit with the Italian Stallion in hopes of becoming his one true love, or at the very least, landing a gig as a special correspondent on Entertainment Tonight (just kidding). Click here for a special message from Antonio encouraging you to apply.