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General Hospital Spoilers

Here's the Scoop! 11.03.08

Sweeps without the Stunt? It looks like Guza's big Sweeps Stunt has been pushed back until January. So is it Sweeps if there is no Sweeps Stunt? Not at General Hospital! GH is known for their Sweeps events and this was supposed to be Guza's last ditch effort according to RUMORS. Does pushing the stunt back to January buy him more time? What about the "twist" at the end of Sweeps? Is it still coming or is that all part of what's been delayed until January?


So much GOSSIP out there, but is it FanFic or the real deal? Some of it's really good so my guess is that the good stuff is FanFic. Get your salt licks out, trust me, you need them.

Scrubs baby... she arrives today via C-Section. Robin slips into a coma after too much blood loss. It looks like her name will be Emma Grace. Boooooo! They should at least make her middle name Georgie!

Karpov dies! It's in the latest Soap Opera Digest. He's dead by the end of Sweeps. There are RUMORS out there that Jason shoots him or will it be Sonny who kills Karpov? Is there a witness to Karpov's murder? RUMORS have Olivia following Sonny and getting more than she bargained for. Wouldn't it be interesting if Dante hit town and his parents were married...

Liason... Remember the drop? Will Elizabeth finally get the answer she wants? No. Maybe. Elizabeth and Jason meet and Elizabeth tells him she wants to be a family. RUMORS say she tells Jason she's over it all. She's over being the only one not able to be close to the mobster because of the danger. She's over Jason's unwillingness to meet in secret. She's over it all. So in the end, will Jason want to be with his family or will Elizabeth walk away? Jason is SUPPOSED to tell Elizabeth it won't work because of the danger. Memo to TPTB... we get it! Jason's job is dangerous. Can we move on now? Is there a surprise coming? Will Jason choose his family? According to RUMBLINGS there is more angst coming. They MAY make plans, but something always gets in the way. IF the RUMORS are true, Jason makes plans with Elizabeth and has to cancel. She'll be mad and very short with him when he calls. These RUMORS go on to say that Jason goes looking for Elizabeth to explain.


After a mother-son talk... Lucky heads back to Port Chuck and Sam. He'll feel bad about not believing in her where Jerry was concerned. RUMORS say Sam fills Lucky in about working with Jason and he'll be upset that she was in danger.

We've talked about Jerry grabbing Sam... Jason knows what's up and when he realizes Sam is MIA he goes looking for her. RUMORS have said that Jerry has fires/bombs set all over town. Is Jason's office set ablaze? Jerry's "death"... he's still RUMORED to be presumed dead. So is it Jerry setting Port Chuck on fire? He does have his "plan" as he lays it all out for Sam but it looks like it's the Russian's torching town to avenge Karpov's death.

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Is Kelly's a casualty of the fires? Ruby is rolling over in her grave right now. SPOILERS say that Maxie spies some thugs taking bats to Mike and Kelly's! Will Maxie take a page out of Spinelli's P.I. book?

Jason helps Sam escape. Jerry has her on a ship and they jump off together just before it explodes. Spinelli tracks her down. Soaking wet, they make their way to Jason's penthouse where RUMORS say Elizabeth shows up after Maxie makes a point to tell Epiphany that Sam and Jason are back together right in front of Elizabeth. Jason's not happy that Maxie has run her mouth off to deliberately hurt Elizabeth. Sam helps to explain what's going on to Elizabeth and leaves the PH. Elizabeth tells Jason she's ready to tell everyone the truth whether they're together or not. It looks like Jason finally agrees to try to make it work and they make the plans I've mentioned above. Plans cancelled as things are being torched all over town and once's not safe. Don't forget, Elizabeth has been in on the whole Sam is investigating Karpov for a while now.


Sonny's favorite word... betrayal. Will this be the end of Skate? RUMORS say Kate and Sonny are still the plan but it looks like Kate will take a back seat to the Mobtacular happenings. It looks like Kate spends most of Sweeps laid up in GH and I would imagine the betrayal part comes in when Dante makes his appearance and Sonny finds out he has another child.

Dante... EARLY RUMORS had him meeting Lulu when he hits town. More lazy writing? The last mobster to come to town with a son in tow had his kid linked with Luke Spencer's daughter. Is it happening again?

Laura and Elizabeth? Laura was a huge part of Elizabeth's life and RUMORS have the two in a scene together before Laura heads out of town. Where's Laura headed? To Paris, for treatment. Remember, Laura also shares some time with Tracy. Will Tracy say Luke belongs to her? It looks like Nikolas sets things up in Paris for his mom to receive treatment. Luke wants to go with her but Laura tells him its time for them to move on. Will Laura be alone when she gets on the plane to France? Remember, Scotty heads out on the same day.


RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... I mentioned above that Jason's office MAY be torched. Johnny gets himself into some trouble. Turkey Day with the Spencers... RUMORS have Elizabeth spending Thanksgiving with Lucky and the boys. Liason roof scene? Could be how Jason sees his office on fire. Ric and Alexis scenes. Patrick and Robin get a house. Nikolas deported? RUMORS say there's a wedding coming that hasn't been spilled correctly. Carly is Sonny's alibi... with fake sex and all.

Contract Talk... We SHOULD be hearing about Maurice Benard's new deal soon. Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) has been an instant hit, will she get a contract? Sarah Brown's current deal is done in January. Will she stay or leave? How about an extension until Pilot Season?