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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 11.04.08

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There was a lot of SCOOP out and about yesterday so today looks to be a little light on the SCOOP load.

Luke saves Scotty! It looks like he pulls his arch enemy out of the car and then Luke and Laura go over the cliff. The make it out as Laura pulls Luke to safety just in time to smack him in the face for lying to her. Laura tells Luke to pick... her or Tracy. Don't forget... Luke's ladies have a talk.

JoLu... fans? I know we have some Johnny fans, do we have any JoLu fans? Lulu is on the adventure and Johnny SHOULD find himself in some sort of mob trouble. As a couple, they'll have their share of ups and downs but it still looks like they are the plan. RUMBLINGS have the pair moving into more of an "adult relationship."

Kate Fans... I know you're frustrated with the amount of time she's been in the hospital. OLD RUMORS said that when she was released, Olivia would move in with her to help take care of her. It looks like your girl is out of the hospital soon Kate fans. Her story SHOULD pick up when Dante arrives.


Who is getting sprung from GH? Robin! She slips into her coma and we have the bedside monologues coming. The LATEST? That Robin, Patrick and baby all move into their new home around Turkey Day but it looks like the new parents take their daughter home the week of the 17th.

Speaking of Turkey Day... General Hospital is celebrating. Will the Q's appear? Not sure but RUMORS say we'll see how the Zacchara's celebrate the holiday. Liz and Lucky share some time with the boys with Lucky going to see Sam later.

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Lucky returns... and he goes to see Sam! The Spencer Family Adventure is almost over. The fam returns to Port Chuck with Laura. Sam SHOULD just be getting back from Jason's penthouse after having to jump into the harbor and off of Karpov's exploding freighter. RUMORS say Elizabeth shows up at Jason's while Sam is there.


Will Maxie cause problems? It LOOKS like those RUMORS COULD be true. Sam is said to go see Elizabeth at the hospital and apologize for Maxie. Will Sam be thanking Maxie? RUMORS say she thanks Maxie for sending Elizabeth to the Penthouse because she was remember too much how well she and Jason worked together. Sam has moved on and is in love with Lucky and tells him so.

Sasha... she's still around and avenging Karpov's death. Is there another mobster she's working for? RUMORS say that Sasha and her goons take their directions from someone.