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With the 2008 election finally coming to a close (crossing fingers that everything goes smoothly and we know the winner tomorrow) I thought we could take a moment to reflect on some of the stories. Needless to say The View dominated the topics of interest. In no particular order.

Sherri Vs Elisabeth Smackdown

Boxers or Briefs for Obama

Boxers or Briefs for Obama 2

Van Peebles Not Wearing Boxers or Briefs for Obama

Hasselbeck Joins Sarah Palin on Campaign Trail

Betty Thinks Barack Obama's Sexy

The View's Best Ratings Week Ever

Which Daytime Star Should Play Sarah Palin in a TV movie?

Joy vs. Elisabeth, Round ?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: "Please don't put me in the same sentence as Ann Coulter."

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leaving The View?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Denies Leaving The View

The View: Barrack Obama Guests on Friday March 28

Presidential Fight Comes to Daytime

The View: Barack Obama's Visit

Edwards & Obama Boycott The View

Voight Responds to Roseanne Barr's Blog

Oprah on Trail & Should Stars Campaign?

Hayden Panettiere: Vote for John McCain

Rosie Calls Elizabeth "Identical Cousin" of Sarah Palin

Roseanne Barr Bashes Brangelina

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Death Threats!

Joy Behar as Teddy Roosevelt

Clinton's Upcoming Visit Excites Joy

Whoopi as FDR

Whoopi Votes for Hillary Clinton

Whoopi Goldberg Fired!

Sherri Shepherd: "I am not Sherri Walters"

Sherri Shepherd as Abraham Lincoln

Jerry Springer as Barbara Bush

Barbara Walters as George Washington

Elisabeth Hasselbeck as Ronald Reagan

Dancing with Hillary Clinton?

Ellen Degeneres Endorsed Hillary Clinton for President

Whoopi Votes for Hillary Clinton

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