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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Very brief thoughts for today....

More Scrubs goodness today. Robin and Patrick bonding over Emma (love the name, wish I could have used it!), Epiphany bringing the baby in and being all gooey with her and Anna with her daugher and granddaughter. Mac declaring his possessiveness and Maxie wanting to goo over the baby, but not wanting to hurt her. Georgie's name being invoked again as guardian angel. Spinelli behaving normally towards Anna and Maxie. Loved it all, wish it was like that all the time.

What's Jax's problem? Make up your mind already. He wanted nothing to do with her, now he's all over her to try again and would she pick him over Sonny. Oy, stop it already.

Carly, crazy thought, leave the room and then call Jason, that way Sonny, who's sitting an inch from you can't stop you from making the call.

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Laura turning on Luke and screaming at him was well done.

Lulu, stop being such a snarking biotch to the police officer who's doing his job. You were caught breaking and entering. Be glad your brother got you out of the mess.

Nikolas possibly being deported for not being an American citizen....didn't see that coming. Could be interesting.

Do I really need resident damsel in distress Sam being manhandled, AGAIN?