"Dawson" Star Books Gender-Bending Fox Dramedy


The man who put the Dawson in The WB's overly-verbose Creek, James Van Der Beek, has signed on to costar in Eva Adams, an hour-long vehicle for Fox about an egomanical, chauvanistic sports agent who is transformed into a woman via a witch's spell. Van Der Beek will play a frat boy who is best friends with the reluctant title tranny, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


Hmmm, this project sure sounds an awful lot like Switch, the 1991 big screen comedy starring a pre-billion dollar divorcee status Ellen Barkin and Jimmy Smits. In that timeless (read: ridiculous) tale, Barkin played a—you guessed it—egomaniacal, chauvanistic man who is killed then brought back to celluloid life as a she, only to end up knocked up by his/her best friend played by Smits. And I thought As The World Turns went all out to avoid telling a gay love story.