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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Kudos to Jason Thompson today. If I didn’t love the guy already, today’s scenes would certainly do it. I was hanging on every word Patrick said. I do wish he’d been holding Emma though, when he was talking to her. As much as I hated Matt when he first showed up, I’m totally loving his interaction with Patrick now. At first I thought he was taking Noah’s place, since they can’t or won’t bring Rick Springfield in for this story. However, there is a different interaction between the brothers since they didn’t grow up together, so there is none of the baggage that Patrick has with Noah, and I like it.

Line of the day:

Patrick to Matt: “I can’t raise her alone”.

The break in his voice when he said it had me in tears. It’s okay Patrick, I’ll raise her with you, come, let me give you a hug!!

I loved that Matt basically told him that Robin isn’t dead and even if she does die, that Patrick will step up and be a good father to his daughter.

Loved the Maxie/Robin scene. Kirsten Storms is another one who always hits the right note in emotional scenes like that one.

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Loved Spinelli reaching out to Mac (as he reached out to Anna yesterday) and that Mac begrudgingly accepted it.

My only complaint about the entire Scrubs stuff, was the CPR. You don’t do chest compressions or heart shocking when the person is sitting up. And I’m not quite sure why Kelly was squishing the oxygen bag thingy on Robin’s face. Robin was breathing on her own at the time.

Jerry/Sam: Assuming Sam doesn’t die, how exactly will Jerry get out of this?

Carly/Sonny: Yep, still hate them together. And Jax, serves you right for coming back to the house and seeing the icky that is CarSon.

Lulu, for the love of Pete, shut the frack up. Nik, I’m thinking, sending out a search party is a great idea, but do you really want to wait til morning? You’re mother is one second away from her next catatonia, you might want to light a fire under someone.