Lucci Voted Off Dancing With The Stars

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To borrow lyrics from James Ingram, she did her best, but I guess her best wasn't good enough. Daytime's most famous face Susan Lucci, has been voted off Dancing With The Stars. Now, I readily admit I  don't watch this program since I think reality television hastens Armageddon (unless of course it features all three of The  Kardasian Sisters, Brody Jenner or Speidi :p) , so I haven't the foggiest idea what happened.

I am assuming Lucci didn't shake what her Mama gave her as well as some of the others like Lance Bass or Cloris Leachman (Is she still on there?). Oh well, never fret La Lucci, as All My Children's baddest bitch Erica Kane you've been a supermodel, a cosmetics tycoon, a showgirl and even rescued your lover from prison via helicopter; who cares if you can't do the Electric Slide? Go soak your foot, toss your silky, chocolate mane and practice asking that jealous Brooke English if she knows who you are in a vanity mirror.