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Will Joe Martin Stick Around Pine Valley?

Sources indicate Ray McDonnell, who has played All My Children's Joe Martin ever since episode one back in 1970, is approaching contract renegotiation talks. Now before we grab the pitchforks and start our veterans' battle cry, this sounds like routine talks, however I do feel it is imperative in this day and age when soap execs seem to think putting the vets out to pasture is the quickest way to save more money for CGI stunts and/or "fix" fledging shows that we show our support to actors like McDonnell.


I don't think anyone expects to see him in front burner three-day-a-week storylines anymore, but for the fans who have stuck it out with this show come hell or high wind , it is still nice to know that you can tune in when you're at home from work on a sick day and find comforting, old Dr. Joe giving advice to Angie or admonishing a drunken JR. Here's hoping ABC does the right thing and continues to make room for McDonnell at the Pine Valley Inn.

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