Well, Well, Well, Grant Show "Up" For Melrose 2.0

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Alums from Fox's original pop culture phenomenon Melrose Place spoke out in this week's TV Guide on the news that The CW is doing an update. You'll never guess which star is open to the possibilty of doing the spinoff. Well, you really don't have to guess if you read the headline. Yep, Grant Show, who just a few months back gave an interview to The New York Times where he talked about just how long it took for the "stench" of MP to wear off, is now reportedly interested in donning Jake Hanson's leather jacket one more time.


I guess now that his short-lived CBS sudser Swingtown has gone on that Great Network in the Sky, Show is reflecting on his career-making role with a little more respect. Either that or he had a lot of stock in Wachovia.