Who should win Honey Bear's heart?

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Horny old goat Eric Forrester (John McCook) just can't decide who to be with.  Not content with having his young wife Donna (Jennifer Gareis) fawning over him, now he has Stephanie (the excellent Susan Flannery) vying for his attention as well.  Both women have moved into the Forrester mansion with the hope of winning him over.


Now, as fun and campy as it may be to see barely-clothed Donna sidling up to "Eric" in bed (only to discover it's Stephanie!), is it really what viewers want to see Stephanie reduced to?  This is a one-woman tsunami we're talking about, The Bold and the Beautiful's original ball-breaker, not some wimp who has to put up with competition from a two-dollar hooker like Donna Logan.  

Who would you like to see end up with Eric?