Will a Crossover Sweeps Stunt Get Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice Back On Track?

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It looks like Shonda Rhimes is already working on revitalizing her two ABC sudsers. TV Guide.com's Matt Mitovich reports exclusively that a multi-episode crossover is taking place between Private Practice and its mothership Grey's Anatomy for February Sweeps.

According to Mitovich, Kate Walsh, the sexiest TV redhead since Guiding Light's Liz Kiefer, will be returning to Seattle Grace as Addison during the episodes. Ha-le-lu-jah!

Addison was one of my favorite Grey's characters, before they had her spade and defanged to become some silly, quirky Meredith-meets-Ally McBeal wannabe for Private Practice. Note to writers, not all TV heroines have to be neurotic goofballs to be likeable. I love Mere and I loved Ally, but Addison is not, I repeat, not supposed to be quirky. Here's hoping Rhimes will write her back the way she was originally constructed for these eppys and to infinity and beyond, as a sexually-charged ice queen!