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Young and the Restless Flashback: Katherine's Drunken Divorce


Some fans of The Young and Restless have called this the 'golden era' of daytime soap, from the classic catfight to the strategic boardroom battle, this show knows how to do drama. It has the Emmy's to prove it. In this video, we start with Katherine sitting in the living room of her 'unchanged' mansion, back to her husband Phillip with a bottle of booze. You have got to admire the lighting and set team for keeping this house in tip top shape. Nothing has changed. Except for the odd facelift or lip adjustment. Katherine in this video is outstanding, giving us a good taste of what was to come, in the years to come.

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In keeping with the current and up and coming Young and the Restless theme, we go back in time to the 1970's where our grand dame Katherine Chancellor comes face to face with husband Phillip and the set of divorce papers he has brought to her.

As Phillip approaches, he finds Katherine in a drunken state and proceeds to hand her the divorce papers. After the two come to a head, Katherine reluctantly signs the papers leaving her torn and hurt. Phillip looks on then walks away as Katherine drinks herself further into the depths of hell. She looks up, alcohol in hand then falls to floor, her world crashing down around her.