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Lauren Holly: "Nothing Good Can Come From Daytime TV"

Sigh. Another star who once reaped the rewards of a gig in daytime is now dissing the medium. All My Children alum Lauren Holly, she of such big screen gems as Dumb and Dumber, revealed to our pal TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco that she feels the soap opera genre, which has been hugely successful for much of it's 70-plus years in broadcasting and could very well be again if certain execs got out of the way, is basically designed to well, suck. Hmm, tell that to fans of late Doug Marland, the late Bill Bell, Claire Labine and of course, Agnes Nixon who created All My Kids.


Here's Holly's defeatest quote:

I know you love the genre, Nelson, but nothing good can come from daytime TV. The entire medium is set up to work against good writing and acting.”

 If this had been Eva La Rue, Cady McClain, Peyton List or any other daytime grad who had the misfortune of enduring these last, depressing days of the genre, where characters are brought back one-by-one and assassinated, sometimes via a plate full of sticky carbohydrates, then I could sadly nod my head, but Holly was on All My Children in the pre-O.J. late 80's, when the soap and much of daytime was still good, damn good in fact, so sorry, this just sounds like another snobby starlet who has forgotten where she came from. She does redeem herself, however, with touching remarks about her late costar Eileen Herlie in this week's The Sud's Report. Read it all here.

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