Note to Days' Dena Higley: STOP Writing Blake Berris Into A Corner!

As the onlaught of Passions hunks begins on Days of Our Lives, I have to say, I am particularly troubled about the reveal that Horton great-grandson Nick Fallon, played by the brilliant and underrated Blake Berris, will next week be revealed as Trent's killer, according to Soap Opera Weekly. Is Dena Higley trying to write possibly the best actor on her canvas into a corner to make room for more eye candy? If so this will be the latest in a long run of this writer's costly mistakes.


One of the few highlights this show still has to offer is watching Berris, an actual theater-vetted actor, make even the most ridiculous and implausible plot points believable, due to his earthy, realistic acting style.  Speaking of ridiculous and implausiable, I don't buy for one second that sensitive, creative Nick would kill anyone, let alone allow Grandma Brady or a pregnant Nicole Walker to take the fall all for this Melanie person he has only known for five minutes. This plot point is a, wait for it, hot mess!

Were it Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) who Nick killed someone for I might buy it, since she is the only girl he has ever loved. You can tell me he loves Melanie all you want, but until she show me, I won't buy it.

SPOILERS for next week indicate Nick will lie to Melanie when she starts to catch on, telling her that she did in fact off her pervy daddy. He will then try to convince her that they need to leave Salem together.

If this storyline were in the hands of a head writer who understood nuance and possessed the ability to pen an articulate storyline that could effectively redeem a fallen hero, I wouldn't be so nervous, but since Higley's writing isn't known for its shades of gray, all I can say is I hope her boss Gary Tomlin recognizes what an amazing talent Blake Berris before its too late.