Tarty Rapemance Sex: The After Yuck

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The rapemance we thought we'd never see, or at least hoped we'd never see, is of course the talk of the soap world. (Was that Frons's diabolical plan all along? How very Dorian Carrington-Colby!)


While we here at DC have voiced our opinions ad nauseum— I think our poor Tina needs a sedative—I figured I'd look out into cyber space and see what some of our blogo-peers are saying. And before anyone accuses me of being biased and only selecting bloggers who feel the way we do here at DC, trust me, I looked for a blogtastic supporter of this storyline, but it proved more difficult than finding a "Go Obama" sticker in Elisabeth Hasselbeck's dressing room and trust me, I tried that too. Here are the links:

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