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Days of Our Lives: Anniversary Tribute

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November 8 marked 43 years of Days of Our Lives on our screens. I know lately we have been less than satisfied at what the show has had to offer, but to celebrate the rich history of the show, I felt the need to take a trip back down memory lane. Soaps have that effect on people. You get carried away to a place filled with fantasy and nostalgia - after all this is where it all began soaps. We hope one day our favourite shows will return to the landmark it once used to be. Big Sigh.

There are so many characters in this clip, too many to mention, but it's actually worth the 9 or so minutes. The scary thing about this, at the halfway mark, you actually begin to think of your age. I know I did anyway - a frightful experience. Ok, so I've just turned 30, but why in God's name can I remember things like Kimberly giving birth to Andrew in a stable just like it was yesterday. See, that's nostalgia for you.

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I know many fans of Days of Our Lives have at one time or another thought wow, that was brilliant or, are you serious, what were they thinking! You do that when you are loyal to a show - that is something us Days of Our Lives fans are without a shadow of a doubt. In saying that, let's remain loyal to the history of the show, even if in the current day and age the current team at NBC are not 'up to scratch'.

Tell us who your favourite couple is or was. Your favourite storyline? The best Days of Our Lives wedding? Birth? Death? If I had to choose, my favourite moments were in the 1987 - 1991 era. Marlena reuniting with Roman at the cliff top, Kayla and Steve's boat wedding, Justin and Adrienne's Greek wedding, Steve's 'death' and Bo's motorcycle rescue of Hope from her wedding to many to choose from. I can almost say that I have had at least one fond moment which involves each and every cast member to pass through the show in the time I have been watching. How old am I again?