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Days of Our Lives Spoilers


As spoiled in this week's Days video preview and Jamey’s recent blog (Note to Days' Dena Higley), Trent’s killer is revealed this week, fan favorite Eric Martsolf debuts as the recast Brady Black and you'll get to see something that's rare on Days of Our Lives currently - people over 50 years of age! Onscreen! Shock horror! Yes, the vets are back (some of them anyway), with Jawn, Marlena and Maggie all making an appearance and even more shocking… Kayla! Welcome back! We've missed you! Calling out the search party for Steve Johnson though... anyone seen him? All this and more in this week’s (rather lengthy) Preview from Denial Island (Nov 10 – 14).


Nick is the man of the week. He continues to try and win favor with Princess Melanie by arranging her an impromptu birthday party with just the two of them as guests. Melanie decides she wants a piece of her birthday cake and Nick grabs a knife to cut her a slice - this flashes him back to the last time he held a knife - the night Trent was killed – and it is finally revealed that he is Trent’s killer. So why has the normally good guy let everyone else take the blame? Maybe it has something to do with the pain meds he’s become reliant on (since being shot in Marseille) – and it’s making him go all crazy-psycho-stalkerish. Nick runs out of said-meds and goes to the doctor for a refill. Maggie finds this out and being no stranger to addiction, she questions her nephew, but he says there's nothing to worry about. Listen to those instincts Maggie! The guy is obsessing over Melanie… there is obviously something wrong with him!

Meanwhile, Maggie and Melanie have a little chat about Nick. Maggie tells Melanie about Nick’s Achilles heel – that he likes to help wayward girls, eg. Willow Stark – yeah, and look how good that turned out for Willow. She’s dead (insert your own snarky comment here). Melanie has a think about this before she finds the same stationary that her threatening notes were written on. She confronts Nick about them and he tells her that he saw her at the cemetery; he tries to convince her (quite successfully) that she is responsible for her father’s death.

The Commissioner and Detective Brady’s continue to mull over the case, considering Nicole’s new ‘recollection of a tall guy’ at the cemetery the night of Trent’s murder. They talk about how they’ll cope with their new working relationship. I think that conversation might have been more interesting if Hope was the one in charge, but I guess the writers at Days didn’t agree. Later in the week, Bope find the cemetery caretaker and after asking him some questions, determine that he lied to them originally – they learn that Nick is the killer.

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Nicole keeps putting two and two together and coming up with five. She suspects that EJ is framing her for murder, going as far as to think that the “tall” man she saw at the cemetery that night was EJ. She thinks EJ is setting her up so that he can take her baby when he/she is born. She’s no fool, she knows she’s carrying a DiMera heir and what that means to Stefano. EJ manages to convince Nicole that that is not the case. Later, Nicole gets granted bail and she and EJ share a romantic evening at home where she feels the baby kick. Better enjoy it while it lasts... all those cramps can't be for nothing.

Over at the safehouse, the fun and (petty) games between Sami and Rafe continue. Rafe’s pretty clued in to Sami’s tricks though. After Rafe stole Sami’s clothes in Friday’s episode, Sami chucks a hissy fit in the bathroom (which I can’t decide if it is funny or annoying) making lots of noise and generally being annoying. When that doesn’t make Rafe budge, Sami waits until she thinks he is asleep and leaves the bathroom; she puts on one of Rafe’s shirts and sneaks out. She doesn’t get very far – like, not even out of the room. Rafe catches her and discovers her secret – the pregnancy. Sami begs him to keep it a secret, and he agrees, for now. Then Sami finds out Nicole made bail, is at home with her son and all hell breaks loose once again.

Kate is still not responding well to the chemotherapy. Philip and Lucas both want her to stop the treatments, but Daniel disagrees – Chloe speaks with Kate and manages to convince her to keep going. Philip has a low moment and then finds unexpected comfort from new pal Stephanie. He decides to re-offer her an internship at Titan, and SPOILERS say that this time, she accepts.

Kayla works some of that magic by having calming chats with both Lexie and Max this week. Lexie is upset because Theo responds better to Chelsea than he does to her. Kayla reassures her that she is a good mother. Max becomes familiar with that wonderful thing called hindsight and wishes he had of taken his big sister’s advice before he raced off to France to find Melanie (don't we all). He apologizes for not listening to her wise and sage advice.

No, I haven’t forgotten Brady! He turns up on your screen on Thursday. Unfortunately, I’m sad to report that Days is not putting the character through the obligatory ‘no shirt, towel only’ introductory scene. Why must they always spoil my fun? I think Brady has his first scenes with father Jawn and step-mom Marlena, who are still trying to work out life post-divorce. Jawn’s also keen on finding the hitman after Sami - RUMOR is that he calls upon a certain PI to help him out... could it be? Steve Johnson??

Well that's it for this week. Please leave me a comment about what you like/dislike about these spoilers, what you're looking forward to or cringing from, or come join us in the Days forum at TV Fan Online.

Brooke's All Important Disclaimer:  Next week's preview might be a bit late, I'm on vacation! No, not a vacation from Days, just some good ol' fashioned R&R!