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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 11.10.08

Sorry for the delays... I have been battling the flu and when that battle ended I had to take on the pile of work on my desk. I was hoping to get some stuff up for you guys this weekend but I work two jobs (fun right?) and I just couldn't seem to find the time. But I'm feeling better, still overloaded with work and tons of scoop to go through, so bear with me, it MAY be a bumpy ride.


Sonny... he gets arrested for Karpov's murder and guess who his alibi is? Carly. She'll claim that she and Sonny were hitting the sheets at the time of Karpov's death. Jax is not happy to hear this and he goes straight to Kate with the news.

Sasha...we've talked about how she'll be on the revenge path now that her boss is dead. There SHOULD be another "boss" giving orders to Sasha and her crew. It looks like they start with Sonny's dad as Mike is beaten and Kelly's in trashed.

Let it begin... "Elizabeth has doubts about her and Jason" and the ABC Insider asks who General Hospital Fans want reunited. Jason and Sam made the cut. The RUMORS have been gaining steam and some have suspected it's all a big plan on ABC's part to get the fans riled up. I'm not convinced, ABC doesn't tend to be that smart.

More on Jason and Sam... one RUMOR out there says that during a shoot out, Jason shoots Sam. IF this is happening, it's an accident and the RUMORS say she'll be ok as Sam's wearing a bulletproof vest.

Liason... there are scenes this week when Elizabeth comes to the penthouse. This SHOULD be when she tells Jason she wants to tell everyone the truth and be together. He tells her no according to the RUMORS as the danger is increasing as the days go by. Hey it's Sweeps, it's always dangerous. Roof Scene? RUMORS say it's still happening as this SHOULD be when Jason sees his office is on fire. Will they break-up? Can you break-up when you're not technically together?

LuSam... they will be back together this week when Lucky returns to Port Chuck and is waiting at home for Sam. Remember, Sam goes to see Elizabeth at GH where she tells the nurse that she has no interest in Jason.

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It looks like something is up with Elizabeth and Sam though. There are plenty of RUMORS out there that the former enemies turned sort of friends are together when something happens. Are the boys involved? Cam and Jake MAY be around and Liz and Sam must work together to ensure everyone's safety. Are the ladies heading out of Port Charles together? Will Elizabeth's call to Jason not help? It looks like Jason gets himself arrested for arson and is cuffed when Elizabeth goes to call him. Will the phone work? TONS of RUMORS out there about this one. It looks like the girls decide to head out of town because of all the danger happening around Port Chuck. RUMORS have Jason and Lucky there as well and it looks like Lucky decides to go with them. IF this all happens, Jason leaves and instead of leaving town with Elizabeth, Sam and the boys, Lucky gets called into the PCPD.

Is Nikolas the MOC? Is it Sonny and Olivia? She was the witness to the murder. It SHOULD NOT be Nikolas as RUMORS say he manages to stay in the country using his connections. It looks like Nadine offers to be the next Mrs Cassadine but Nik turns her down. The MOC looks still be Claudia and Sonny.


Did anyone forget about Jax and Nikolas' little rivalry? I was wondering if the writers forgot as you can get whiplash watching GH sometimes. The storylines are too all over the place. It looks like whatever is happening between the two men SHOULD be readdressed.

Johnny and Lulu... I know we have some fans. They'll have their issues and remember Lulu MAY blame the Z's for her family's diner getting trashed. Also, there's that little thing of Johnny not believing Lulu when she said her mom was awake and someone was leaving her notes.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... Jax goes searching for his brother and refuses Carly's help. Elizabeth missing? That's out there, again. Olivia and Elizabeth scene. There are some claiming that Lucky and Elizabeth tell Laura the truth about Jake. Why is Spinelli avenging Maxie? Johnny to the rescue? The Russians are everywhere.

Time...General Hospital tapes about three weeks ahead of what's airing. Remember that when reading SPOILERS/RUMORS/SCOOPS. It'll take some time for some of this stuff to hit our screens.