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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Why was the head of the Russian mob walking around the docks with no bodyguards? And how is it that no one heard eleventy gun shots?

I was having schizophrenic moments regarding Carly today. When Sonny came back, demanding she give him an alibi, and she said that he destroyed her life "tonight", I had to disagree with her. As much as I despise Sonny, he wasn’t responsible making her rescue and then nurse him. She chose to help him out, going so far as to not call Jason or Max. Plus, her marriage was over that night in May when she decided to play hide the salami with Sonny.

Then, when he got all in her face, demanding an alibi and basically expecting it from her and she was all "maybe you should pay for what you’ve done for once", I was back on her side. He’s barely thanked her for saving his life, or nursing him back and now he’s demanding something very big from her and acting like a jerk while he does it.

Also, how good will the alibi be, considering Olivia saw and spoke with him in the alley before Karpov was shot. Even pretending that Olivia left and didn’t see the shooting, which is what Sonny believes, she would still say that she saw him there when Carly says he was with her. He’s not too sharp for a former mob boss.

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Still loving Scrubs/Anna and wish there was more. I loved Anna’s tough love talk with Robin and I do like that Robin looks like crap. I love that they seem to be using a real baby for Emma and not one of those creepy fake doll things. My only complaint, it has been several days, is why has no one brought Patrick a change of clothes? Heck, I’m sure he probably has extra scrubs in his locker.

I kind of like Jason and Spinelli, working together to try and save Sam. I just wish perpetual victim Sam wouldn’t have to be saved. Guza just loves having her beaten and victimized, doesn’t he. Is it just me or does that boat look exactly like the one they used for that horrid Jax/Irina story?

Loved the Spencer reunion. Loving the Laura/Tracy gabfest. Why hasn’t Scott been arrested for kidnapping?