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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 11.11.08


God Bless Our Troops on Veteran's Day! For those of you with a day off... I'm jealous.  Now the Scoop! Not much today but here we go...

It's a Mobtacular Sweeps! The Spencer Family Adventure SHOULD be wrapping up this week when Laura leaves for treatment in France. Scrubs are almost through their crisis as Robin will be ok and they leave the hospital in the next week. Turkey Day (on GH) has the pair moving into their new digs. Thanksgiving Thursday will be a re-run.

I have to say it... I loved Carly yesterday and I even enjoyed Carly tending to Sonny (I had some episodes to catch up due to the flu). Will there be a Carson reunion? Not sure as there are some RUMBLINGS about a new dude for Carly and Sonny has that little wedding thing happening. RUMORS say the wedding happens in the Zacchara's living room on Thanksgiving. Remember we mentioned seeing the Z Family Thanksgiving? Apparently they get married and here most GH fans would be happy with a Q Family Pizza Night.

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Where do Clic fit in? It looks like they continue on as is despite now being in-laws. Not sure if I'm happy about this as I think Ric and Claudia have incredible chemistry and TIIC really had to screw it up by inserting Sonny. Is this marriage even necessary anymore? Another attempt at a ratings boost?

Patrick’s Dream Sequence… Is it me or does it always seem that it’s Patrick or Spinelli with the dream sequences? Oh wait, Luke had one too. I digress… so Patty boy is having a little dream / nightmare about his life. It looks like some coulda, shoulda, woulda’s happening. All to show that Patrick is very happy and content with where life has taken the new father. RUMORS say Alan makes an appearance in the dream and he’s alive in it, not a ghost. Hopefully he’ll be out of the track suit too.

The kidnapping… yep little Jake Morgan, err, Spencer is getting grabbed once again. The whole thing SHOULD go down like this: Sam is being followed by the Russians. They’ll see her with Maxie and then Maxie is drugged and dumped. Everyone agrees that the danger is mounting and Elizabeth should take the boys and leave town. It’s not about Jason; it’s the escalated danger all over Port Chuck. Sam thinks she should go too, Lucky says he’ll go with them, Jason leaves to tend to the mob. After he leaves, Lucky gets a call to come to the PCPD, all officers on deck. So it’s Sam, Elizabeth and her boys heading out of town to a cabin. Jason is arrested, Elizabeth tries to call him but he’s a little tied up and Elizabeth can’t call anyways. The phone lines to the cabin have been cut. So it’s Sam with a shotgun, Elizabeth with a pistol, a dead Russian and a missing toddler. Elizabeth uses her lessons well and kills a Russian baddie before he gets Sam but while that’s happening, SPOILERS say Jake is grabbed. Jason gets there, learns that Jake has been taken and he takes off with Sam in pursuit. Elizabeth still has Cameron to take care of so she really can’t go with them. Lucky is SUPPOSED to come back to the cabin, learn what’s happened and take Elizabeth back to Port Charles. What can she do in the cabin all alone? Cameron is not kidnapped. They MAY try to take him too but they only get Jake. No phone lines? How does Jason know to return to the cabin? RUMORS say he tries to call and can’t get through, plus, he’s super Jase, he knows all.


Still Coming… Maxie blabbing about Jason and Sam which has Elizabeth going to the Penthouse. Laura has some scenes at the Q’s and with her children. Mike is attacked and Kelly’s is trashed. Johnny and Lulu have a reunion, MAY not be the happiest of reunions but they’ll share the screen.