Rena Sofer and Donna Mills on Thanksgiving Dirty Sexy Money!!

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Oh boy-oh-boy-oh-boy, I am dancing around my living room as a remix of the Knots Landing theme song, that samples the 90's General Hospital opener plays in my head. (Note to self: Next time, only one Paxil...) TV's Matt Mitovich is reporting  Rena Sofer (ex-Lois, GH) and Donna Mills (ex-Abby, KL) will be appearing on the Nov. 26 episode of TV's most underrated primetime sudser, Dirty Sexy Money.


Sofer will play a nosy reporter trying to dig up dirt on the Darlings, while Mills will play a socialte. I'm sure Sofer will fit in just fine, considering she had plenty of practice dealing with those eccentric millionaires the Sopranos, I mean, Quartermaines on General Hospital. Samaire Armstrong, who was cut from the cast last season, will also reprise her art-imitating-life-role as troubled Darling party girl Juliet.