Was Brooke Smith's last episode on Grey's a fitting send off?


I admit it, I loved the character of Erica Hahn on Grey's Anatomy. It took me a while to warm up to her, but the actress won me over. That's why it really gets my goat that Brooke Smith was let go. 

The official line is that the “magic and chemistry” wasn't sustainable long-term, but hell, both Izzie and George were trashed as characters and they still had opportunities to gel with other people on the canvas. Yeah, I know they’ve been there since the beginning. It still makes me mad.

For Erica, there was an interesting vibe with Cristina. They were so alike, and at the same time at odds. There was a lot of untapped potential there – every story doesn’t need to have sex at its core. Although, having said that, an Erica/Cristina love story could have been amazing. Two power-house actresses and convincing onscreen chemistry, what could go wrong? Oh, yeah, they’d pull the plug on it, that’s what.