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Days of Our Lives Spoilers


The Mid-Week Rumor, Spoiler and Speculation Update!

Who let all the spoilers out? Someone down at Days of our Lives must be busy tapping those keys, because the spoilers are coming thick and fast! Here are just a few for your reading pleasure.


Nicole: RUMORS are circulating on the web that Nicole (Arianne Zucker) is going to go into pre-term labor and lose her baby. Brady (Eric Martsolf) will be with her when it happens and is the one who breaks the sad news. Nicole panics and decides to keep the loss of the baby a secret from EJ (James Scott).

Yes folks, it is RUMORED that Nicole may very well fake the rest of her pregnancy. In a big nod to Days history and one of their most popular storylines, it is SPECULATED that Nicole may steal Sami's (Alison Sweeney) baby and pass him/her off as her own (a la Kristen Blake).

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Sami: RUMOR says she escapes the witness protection again and goes to inspect a local convent. There she meets a nun and introduces herself as Colleen. Could this be where Sami will hide out for the rest of her pregnancy (offscreen)?

Melanie: Melanie (Molly Burnett) is going to find herself being 'bumped off' - the hotel balcony that is - and by none other than Nick himself (Blake Berris). She survives, but RUMORS say that she and Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) are going to have a smackdown about Nick.

That's it for the moment - what do you think? Happy Nicole wont have ties to the DiMeras but sad that she has to go through losing the baby? Or maybe you think TPTB (the powers that be) are screwing over Nicole's one chance at happiness? Don't care? Wish Melanie was really bumped off? Leave me a comment with your thoughts.

Stay tuned, more rumors, spoilers and speculations coming soon.