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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 11.12.08


Maxie doesn't hear Spinelli declare his love. She's out cold while he makes his declaration. What's ahead for Spixie? Angst? Its Guza... of course angst will be involved. It's been slow but Matt SHOULD be factoring in at some point. What was the hold up? Not sure but would you have rather TPTB force a Matt and Maxie pairing on us? Spixie's popularity COULD stop any plans to hook M&M up but when does GH listen to their fans? Keep an eye out for Matt to be a visitor while Maxie is laid up in the hospital. Back to Maxie and her injuries. She's followed by the Russians to the park where she is RUMORED to be drugged and dumped. Spin gets her out of there and to the hospital where the docs say she'll be ok. Mac wants Spinelli to stay away from his daughter. I love all the screen time Mac has been getting lately.

Scrubs heads home once Robin makes her recovery. We talked about the couple moving into a new house on Turkey Day. We haven't talked about Robin as a mom. It looks like the new mom struggles a bit while daddy duty seems to come easy to Patrick. A little comedy? That's the word but it won't last long. Have no fear Robin fans, RUMBLINGS say it's just for a chuckle not to make your girl look like an idiot.

Sonny's office in flames? That's out there and it also has Olivia trapped inside the burning building. Who saves her? Sonny! Will Sonny ask Jason to partner up to fight the Russians? That's the latest and it looks like Jason says no.

The kidnapping... who finds Jake? Who's looking for the tot? Some assumed Elizabeth would be sitting home waiting on Jason. That MAY not be the case. Lucky SHOULD be taking her back to PC after Jason and Sam take off in search of Jake but it doesn't APPEAR that Elizabeth does nothing. It looks like Jason and Sam return empty handed as their search efforts have failed.

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The MOC… Does Sonny propose? SPOILERS say he will. Olivia sees it. What else is up with Olivia besides hiding her son’s paternity and getting caught in burning buildings? It looks like Sonny admits to asking out Connie just to piss Olivia off.

What's up with Kate? She'll finally get out of the hospital. Olivia and Kate will continue their arguing over Sonny and Dante.


Carly plans to fight the divorce. Even though she's Sonny's alibi, she tells Diane to fight.

I asked the other day if the writers forgot about the Jax - Nikolas feud. It looks like they haven't as Jax successfully buys Spoon Island. What’s Jax’s plan? A resort spa on the island that calls for the stables to be torn down.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... More Cody! He'll be receiving instructions from Jason when Elizabeth walks in. Don't forget Nadine offers to marry a prince. Lulu and Maxie…Will they go back to being enemies? Liason in public? SPOILERS say Lucky sees them. I mentioned Spinelli avenging Maxie the other day… he arms himself with a weapon. Johnny comes to the Jackal’s rescue. Leyla and Spin scenes. Sam offers to work for Sasha. Are Kate and Jax getting it on? Will Johnny check out of the Z’s?